How it works

BakeChain works by analysing the blockchain and signing bakes and endorsements. All your private keys are stored locally, encrypted and secured within the native key store of your operating system.

Begin Baking

Run the app, create or restore your baker, and enjoy the sweet smell of freshly baked blocks in the morning!


Want to earn higher rewards? Become your own delegate and allow other users to let you bake for them for a small fee.

Can't bake?

Browse the marketplace for a baker, view their stats and delegate to the one you like and get paid via smart-contracts

The Marketplace

Looking for a delegate? The marketplace is an annonymous list of bakers using the BakeChain software. You can easily view, sort and filter different baking metrics to evaluate performance and help with making an informed delegation choice.

Coming Soon

About BakeChain

BakeChain is developed using open-source technologies like Angular by Google, Electron (which powers apps like Slack and Atom), as well as eztz.js - the JS library for Tezos.

The baking software is a "light" client, so there is no requirement for you to run your own Tezos node (although you can) - instead we utilise public infrastructure provided by TezRPC (community supplied nodes).


No complications - easiest way to bake blocks without having to work with complex command lines and camels.


Private keys are encrypted and stored natively within your computer's secure key store


You own your private keys, which never hit our servers. All of our backend DB data can be audited and verified.


Become a delegate - earn a little more, and help those who can't bake to participate in the baking process!

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